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Queen of words
Barbora Jiřincová

I was born in Liberec, Czech Republic.

Born in 1986, I grew up in the tumultuous 1990s.

Then businesses grew, money flew, and the nation was slowly getting used to freedom and democracy after 50 years of Communism.

My generation is called millennials, together with our younger friends. But we are different.

The 1990s in Czechia were specific. And it formed us; it formed me.

my story

Barbora Jiřincová


Queen of Words

Aged 11, I wrote my first novel and set my mind on becoming a writer. It was a cute story about a girl and her horse and horse-racing magical victories. Nothing more. But it opened some doors in my brain.

And I kept on writing. There were no laptops in 1997, so I wrote by hand. I wrote under the school desk, on the beach, and under my blanket. I filled dozens of notebooks.

But that was my childhood—a child´s dream. Very soon, I made myself wake up.

Because: You cannot earn your living by writing!

So I focused on languages, teaching and history. At the Faculty of Education, I decided to become a historian.

There was writing involved in the job, after all. And it looked like a proper job in everybody´s eyes.


Queen of Words

I finished my master´s degree and started the Ph.D. history program. I began to publish scientific texts. It was science, but sometimes creative genius was involved as well.

Click for a complete bibliography.

In 2013 I started teaching at a basic school in Letňany, Prague. I went through many teaching institutions before this job. I have always loved teaching.

It taught me how to keep the attention of people who don´t want to listen. Folks who are too distracted to keep their focus.

I use this experience in copywriting today. Online users act this way. They are distracted by the ads and by the countless possibilities.

Keeping the online readers’ focus is as complex as making the teenage student listen to you on the last Friday lesson.

Very, very difficult.

Queen of Words


I left the school for maternity leave. My first child was born. He was always a good boy. I was able to publish my papers, take part in conferences and finish my dissertation.

Queen of Words


The amount of creativity involved in historic science did not quite satisfy my inner writer.

So, I stepped into the online world with my first blog. It was a mother´s blog full of funny stories from her life with a toddler. But it meant something to me. I learned about online writing, WordPress, blogging platforms, and social media.

I started the second blog. Its audience was history students.

At that time, I had never thought about writing full-time.

Still, that voice said: “You cannot get living by writing.”


Barbora Jiřincová

I got my Ph.D. in history and started to teach history at the Faculty of Education.

People, who knew me, admired me back then. I finished school, started a historical and university teacher´s career, and led two blogs with a kid. With one kid on my lap and the second on the way.

But for my part, for the first time, I felt a little empty. I got to the finish line. I got my Ph.D. I did not plan beyond.

Do you know the movie Tangled? The line where Rapunzel wonders whether the dream of her life would be everything she wishes for.

“And what if it is?” She asks. What if it is everything she dreamt of?

“Then comes the best part,” says her boyfriend. “You start looking for a new dream.”


My mind kept on going without stopping. But my body was a little wiser.

I simply could not go on without thinking about where I was going. Not with two small kids who took most of my time.

I hade to start looking for a new dream. After all, it was the covid year. Many things changed for many people.

I dove deeper into the online waters. I discovered that what I do with my blogs and social media management for my employer is called copywriting.

I started to study copy, marketing, and online business.


I started to work as a copywriter and got my first writing gigs.

I started an online business – a history website as a history teacher and author of e-books. Two small kids were either locked up in quarantine or sick, and kindergartens were closed due to covid pandemics.

It was a struggle. And I had to learn a lot.

During that year, I found a new dream. I discovered that one could earn a living writing. That I can be a freelancer. And I found out that this is what I want to do more than anything.

If you come across a story that has not been written, it is your job to write it. My life is that story.

I took up knowledge from the best Czech and English writing copywriters.

I learned SEO in a certified HubSpot course; I took a class on Google Analytics by Google and Social Media by Seduo.

My first months were a struggle. The first gigs sometimes gave me no more than two dollars. I took all I could to gain experience. But I found well-paid jobs as well. They started to come soon enough.

Much later I started blogging in English on Substack.


I have the experience, knowledge, and portfolio to show.

I am here at your service.

So what do you say?

Shall we write your story together?

what helps me keep my focus

my mission

You deserve to be seen.

I have high regard for people who build their businesses. Big and small alike.

And I want to help you to be seen.

Internet is no sewer.

Please, don´t turn it into one. Don´t fill it with the same content again and again.

As copywriters, we are responsible for keeping the water of the Internet clean as a river, not a sewer.

Let´s be different

Let´s do it our way. I can do it. And I believe it is worth it in marketing and life.

Because if you want to be more successful, you have to do more than others.

Away with the sleezy salesman

Selling does not and should not be sleazy.

Your customers have seen it all. They are fed up with lousy marketing.

Build a relationship with them, be fair, and be clever.

It hurts when I see lousy marketing. Let us change it together.


Vzdělání Barbora Jiřincová

My Education

2013 – 2019 Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague, Ph.D

2006 – 2013

Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague, Mgr.

(English, History)

2002 – 2006 Gymnázium and Vocational School of Pedagogy Liberec, Jeronýmova

2013 – 2019 Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague, Ph.D

2006 – 2013

I want to show everybody that education of all kinds is worth your time and money. I invite you to see it too.

Obor: učitelství pro střední školy, Anglický jazyk – dějepis

2002 – 2006 Gymnázium a střední pedagogická škola v Liberci

Hubspot SEO

Course of SEO for marketers.

Google analytics

Yes, I can work with Google Analytics. 

Seduo sociální networks

Basics of social networking for marketers.

What Can I Write

A blog post

A blog post is shorter than an article. Its objective is to be readable. Its author has to know her readers well enough.

Magazine article

An article in an online magazine has to be original. The writer has to either bring up an entirely new topic or write it differently. Articles in online magazines usually highly regard SEO; because there is enormous competition.

Informative article

An informative article is shorter than a specialized article. It should be more readable but still rich in original and helpful information.

Specialized article

A specialized article requires the author to look for a lot of information or to possess much previous knowledge on the topic.


You can offer an e-book to your clients in exchange for their email and build a contact database. Or you can sell your know-how in your eBooks.


A review is an article that provides information about the pros and cons of a product, a service, or a venue. Sometimes the review focuses on the product as such. Another time it introduces the product in a larger context.

Home Page

Your homepage is designed to grab the attention of your reader, to let them know who you are, and make them trust you. According to some research, 7 seconds is when the viewer decides whether to stay or go.

Landing page

A landing page is a page where the reader “lands” after he clicks on your ad or a link. It is designed to keep the reader´s attention and steer him to your other pages.

Sales page

This page is the final piece of your sales process puzzle. The sales page has to drive sales. It should overcome your client´s doubts and objections. It has to keep their attention until they click on “buy” or fill in the desired form.

All texts for your brand

Home page, about me page, sales page, descriptions or microcopy. I can write everything and keep in line with the brand voice.

Want to learn more?

Milá bezproblémová spolupráce. Co jsme se domluvili, to platilo. Ráda Báru oslovím zas 😉
Petr PatockaPetr Patocka
07:28 19 Jul 22
Prostě kvalita👌🏻
Eva MislíkováEva Mislíková
09:40 12 Sep 22
Great cooperation with Mrs. Barbara, we are satisfied. The article was done quickly, it is fun and a beautiful read. 🙂 You can see that he does it with joy. Thank you
Jindrich FialkaJindrich Fialka
14:10 09 Sep 22
I was a little scared. Bára helps us in the non-profit as a copywriter-volunteer, and it is sometimes not easy with volunteers.But Bára writes clearly and is reliable. In addition, it is proactive, so it does not cost energy, but instead adds it.I am happy to cooperate. Thanks Baro 🙂
Daniel HanušDaniel Hanuš
14:22 09 Aug 22
Finding an editor who can write informative and at the same time readable articles is difficult. Barbora is a hit in this regard and writes absolutely first-class articles for our magazine. I recommend it with a pure heart. 🙂
Milá bezproblémová spolupráce. Co jsme se domluvili, to platilo. Ráda Báru oslovím zas 😉
Nice seamless cooperation. What we agreed on was valid. I will be happy to contact Bára again 😉
Petr PatockaPetr Patocka
07:28 19 Jul 22
Prostě kvalita👌🏻
Petr PatockaPetr Patocka
07:28 19 Jul 22
Simply quality👌🏻