Copywriting inspiration in the literary canon

A classics is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody want to read. Mark Twain Well, it may be so. But if you skip canonical authors you miss a big opportunity. You can find inspiration everywhere you look. For selling strategies, you can study your own buying decisions.  n

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The people we buy from

Do you believe that you own your buying decisions? That you are entirely immune to all the marketing tricks? We only buy from people that we: Know Trust Like Spot in primetime and faces on highway billboards. Brands used to spend all their money on them. That time is gone.

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Improve your copywriting skills

What gets under your skin?

What gets under your skin? When it comes to copywriting skills, you can be your own’s best source of inspiration. Chances are your clients are people like you. And if they are not, if they live entirely different lives according to completely different values, I hope you know it. One

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Why do you need a copywriter?

You have a great product. You offer the best services. You do what you do best.

If you had not known it, you wouldn´t go into the business.

So you built a web. Here you offer your excellent products and services.

But people do not visit your website. They don´t know about you.

And those who visit never come back.

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