email marketing

What is email marketing?

In email marketing, you send emails to your customers. In them, you deliver valuable information and (then) offer your products and services. Ideally, not the other way around.

Why focus on email marketing?

Because your email list cannot be taken away from you.

You can have a grand list of followers on your social media account.

But that can disappear with a snap of Marc Zuckenberg’s finger.

While your email list stays – even if Uncle Google decides to delete your Gmail account. Because the list is a list, like a list of telephone numbers.

Because in the emails you send to your clients, you can say whatever you want – while on social media, you have to play by the platform’s rules.

Because here, you communicate with your clients directly, with no supervision and comments from others.

Because if you are consistent (and deliver quality content), it builds trust.

Because you can get very creative.

Because your organic reach is in your hand, no algorithms are at play – only your (or your copywriter’s skills) decide.

Email marketing by Queen of Words

I use following principles:


I know the persuasion tricks and use them.

I understand the sales formula and implement them.

However, story is a technique old as time.

People cannot help but read on.

So, I use storytelling in my email copywriting.


We need to understand who your ideal customer is.

Dive deep into their archetypal psychology and meet them exactly where they are at.

In terms of email marketing I can do for you the following.



Your letters in their very inbox. A way to build relationships.
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Sales emails

Sales emails

Emails with a sole purpose: to sell.
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Offers and outreach

An offer and an outreach

How to write a cold outreach or offer your services.
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Long-term cooperation

Long-term cooperation

Email marketing with Queen of Words. Whatever you need.
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pricing simplified

How much does my email copywriting cost?

Email copywriting packages

Enjoy the safety of contracts on Upwork:

The delivery time may differ according to the number of projects I am handling at the moment.

How email copywriting works:

Usually, the copywriter crafts all the emails for the brand.

Thus, the client knows that the tone of voice remains consistent.

But there are also cases where only a few emails or one sequence.

Almost everything is possible.

Do you want to contact me directly? Let us schedule a call.

email copywriting specified

How is email copywriting done? How do I work? Here are all the answers.

Writing a subject line:

A good subject line should be at most 150 characters.

It must click on the right receptors in the recipient’s brain.

But it must not work as clickbait; you must deliver what you promise.

People hate being made fools of; you would end up in a spam folder with clickbaity subject lines.

Did you know that the open rate in email marketing over 30% is considered a fair result?

Because most people don’t have the skill.

Contact me if you need help writing subject lines for your emails.

what is a newsletter

Today, more than sending sales emails is required.

If you only send sales letters, people soon unsubscribe or ignore you.

Or mark you as a spammer.

Some of your most loyal customers may be looking forward to your weekly or monthly offer and the discount they get for their loyalty.

But if you focus on delivering content first, the chance of them opening your email significantly grows.

Basic recommendations for email copywriting:

Welcoming series

It is simple. Before you send your first sales letter, teach your customers that you deliver great content with value.

Create a sequence with irresistible content.

Every email must build anticipation for the next one.

The human psyche is not that complicated.

We will open the eleventh when we open ten emails and love every single one. And it will take more than one direct sales email to destroy that trust.

And anyway, after you delivered ten emails of great value to them, they trust you enough to buy from you and are grateful.

So, the sales email comes at the right moment.

Send newsletters regularly.

Do not only send information about your products; add value:

  • Tips and tricks.
  • Hacks and tutorials.
  • Interesting facts about your branch.
  • Introduce your company.
  • And add something special for the subscribers, making them feel rewarded for their loyalty.

how to write sales emails that sell?

Yes, I will write a sales email for you.

I do them as well.

But remember, you invite yourself into your clients’ mailbox, so have the courtesy to add value before you ask them to buy.

Create an irresistible subject line.

Make them interested to read on.

Follow your sales page structure.

Explain why you are offering this service right now.

Add valuable content for those who do not want to buy right now.

They should feel optimistic about opening your email a spending time reading it.

Even if they don’t buy.

Because most of them don’t. Deal with it.

But, the better you do this, the more of them will buy next time.

how to write an email with and offer?

If you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you send emails to pitch your services to potential clients.

You will use my template when:

  • A potential client contacts you through your contact form or over email.
  • You converse with a stranger, and they express their interest.
  • You could pitch your dream client or any client you wish to work with.

Basic rules for writing such an email:

  • It must reflect your brand voice.
  • Confirm the positive impression they got when they got interested in you.
  • Don’t ward them off.
  • Explain clearly what you offer and why they should choose you.
  • Explain simply the next steps.

How to write a cold pitch:

  • The subject line must work like magic.
  • Address them with their names (do your homework and get to know the specific people behind the brand).
  • In the first sentence, state the most significant benefit you can offer them. For example, I include specific improvements on their websites. It is a gift from you.
  • Say why you chose to pitch them precisely. What makes them special to you.
  • What you offer and what makes you the best in what you do.
  • Where they can learn more about you.
  • Say goodbye and thank them for their time.

Don’t waste their time, be crisp and personal. Don’t make them think more than they have to. Be specific.

Or let me write it for you.

I can write a specific offer for a particular client.

Or I can craft a template with specific tips and tricks that fit your business.

Plus, you will get ten subject line ideas for your brand as a gift.

how the long-term cooperation works

We schedule a call.

Sign a contract (possibly through Upwork – safe for both parties).

The I will write the emails according to the chosen strategy.

Or you will assign tasks.

I will send you an invoice once a month.