sales funnel

sales funnel

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a marketing technique that turns the by-goers into paying customers.

There are simple and complicated funnels.

All of them work like this:

  • We catch as many customers with their contacts (usually with the help of some free offer).
  • We nurture the contacts through the content we deliver.
  • When the time is ripe, we present our offer.
  • Turn them into paying customers.
  • And cultivate the relationship – so that they jump back into the funnel.

The simple sales funnel consists of:

  1. A landing page.
  2. A lead magnet.
  3. Nurturing and possibly sales emails.
  4. A sales page.

My sales funnel services.

The principles I follows when writing:


I know the persuasion tricks and use them.

I understand the sales formula and implement them.

However, the story is a technique old as time.

People cannot help but read on.

So, I use storytelling in my content marketing.


I am a writer.

I write so that they read.

However, I stick to the plan when I write for your business.

The text must lead the reader to the desired action.


We need to understand who your ideal customer is.

Dive deep into their archetypal psychology and meet them exactly where they are at.

In terms of crafting a sales funnel, I offer the following services:

Lead magnet

Lead magnet

Something of value that you offer them in exchange of their emails.
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Landing page

Landing page

A page where the client "lands" after clicking on a link. It is designed to turn them into leads.
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Sales page

Sales page

Stránka, která má prodávat. Nic víc, nic míň.
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Email copywriting

Email copywriting

Email copywriting is paramount to creating a successful sales funnel. See my email copywriting services.
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How much does my sales funnel cost?

How cooperation with a copywriter works?

Usually, the copywriter crafts all the texts for the brand.

Thus, the client knows that the tone of voice remains consistent.

But there are also cases where only you want just the funnel or a landing page.

Almost everything is possible.

Do you want to contact me directly? Let us schedule a call.


Let us look at the simples sales funnel.

what is a lead magnet

A lead magnet is a piece that you give for free.

It can be an ebook, a worksheet, a webinar, or a podcast.

The magnet has its landing page with an irresistible offer.

In the lead magnet you:

  • Show that you know your stuff.
  • Deliver value so good that they simply must see how good the paid items are.
  • Give value for free and earn their gratitude.
  • Leave some questions unanswered.
  • Build a desire to know more.

how to craft a LANDING PAGE

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page your customer enters when they click on a link.

Your homepage can work as your landing page in some cases.

But mostly, the landing page belongs to a specific product, service, or campaign.

It is a specific part of your customer’s journey and must relate to their state of awareness of your brand and your products.

It can be a part of your web or disappear after the campaign ends.

What should a well-crafted landing page look like?

  • It must be readable and well-arranged.
  • There should be just enough text.
  • The text should ideally reflect the stage the customer is in.
  • It is not a sales page. You should refrain from presenting your offer and price at this point.
  • You want the reader to move on.
    • Click on a link.
    • Subscribe to your email list.
    • Follow you on social media.
    • Or read your blog.

Landing page is not a sales page.

Some advertisers skip the landing page and lead with the sales page.

It may be a good choice in some campaigns (for example, discount campaigns or seasonal sales).

Your landing page works best with customers who don’t know you because they are difficult to convert with direct sale deals.

how to craft a sales page?

What is a sales page?

A sales page can be a firm part of your website or not.

Mostly the sales page is a page that loads when the client clicks on a link in an ad, in a sales email, or in a blog article. 

You should lead with the sales page only with the customers ready to buy.

The basics of sales page writing.

A well-crafted sales page must follow a structure, offer enough arguments, and, most importantly, the price and the specific offer must come at the candid moment.

No sooner, no later.

  1. Write a few lines to build an interest and a desire to read on.
  2. Present the problem your customer needs to be solved.
  3. Offer the solution (in general terms).
  4. Present your product as one of the solutions on the market.
  5. Explain why it is the best for them.
  6. Explain why you are different.
  7. State the price.
  8. Bring more arguments and reviews, and testimonials.
  9. Eliminate their doubts as best you can.
  10. Explain clearly what happens next.
  11. Don’t make them look too long for the clickable link.


We schedule a call.

Sign a contract (possibly through Upwork – safe for both parties).

The I will write the emails according to the chosen strategy.

Or you will assign tasks.

I will send you an invoice once a month.

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