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Copywriter Barbora Jiřincová

Why do you need me?

Why do you need profesional copywriting?

What Can I Offer?

I offer you everything in copywriting, what you need to stop hunting clients and do what you do best.

All my copywriting services are available in English and in Czech.

New copywriting or editing of old texts?

It depends on you. You know what you need:

  1. I can write brand new texts for you.
  2. I can edit and rewrite your texts.
  3. I can help you write it yourself.


Texts For Your Website and Email

  • A homepage that builds instant trust.
  • Landing pages for your clients to click through to your sales page.
  • Sales pages that sell like hell.

  • You must write your story into your client´s heart with your “About me” page.

  • And you need to be found by the search engines.

A Blog That People Actually Read

  • A blog where people will regularly come for original blog posts.
  • Relevant to your services and your products.
  • Entertaining, no matter how mundane or scientific your product is.
  • They will speak with the voice of your brand
  • Google and his smaller siblings will find your blog posts.
  • . And no random posting anymore, there will be a plan to for your blog.

A Love Brand For Your Ideal Clients.

  • All your texts need to mirror your brand.
  • And wreath love in your ideal clients´ hearts.
  • Together we will find your brand voice.
  • Adjust it to your ideal client’s needs and wants.
  • I will write a perfect slogan.
  • I will name your products.
  • I will write your brand´s tagline.

Great Taglines, Slogans and Product Names

  • People will remember your taglines.
  • And further spread the word.

E-book in Exchange for
Client´s Emails

Send Emails to Your Ideal Clients

  • An email address is the most valuable asset people have in the online world nowadays.
  • You don´t want to lose their trust. You want to write great emails.
  • To give them some valuable information in your emails.
  • They must not forget it was you who sold them the great product last time.
  • And when the time is ripe, you offer your product.

Why work with me

  • I have four years of experience creating online content and copywriting.

  • I have my own online business – I know the perks of the job.

  • I do it my way. The other way.

  • I follow the latest trends. I keep on learning.

My mottos. Code I follow when writing:

Write so that they can read it.

Nobody will have fun reading it if you don´t have fun writing it.


Almost everything can be told as a story. And people cannot help. They have to finish reading the story. That is why the stories work.

SEO is a great help, but there is a line I won´t cross.

Yes. The second page of the Google search results is the best place to hide a dead body. Nobody looks in there.

But still, the most important person is not uncle Google but the reader. First comes the information in the content then comes the SEO.

Don´t contact me if your objective is the other way round.

The Internet is not a sewer.

So we shouldn’t fill it with the same content again and again. Not even for the sake of great SEO.

Because your product is authentic, isn’t it? It deserves original content.

So does the Internet. Don’t turn it into a sewer. Keep it clean as a mountain creek if we can.


Who cannot explain stuff in a simple way doesn’t understand the stuff.

Do you know who said so? Albert Einstein. Who am I to argue with Einstein? So I won’t. And neither should you. Let’s keep things simple.

A business person should be humble.

It is not his fault if the client does not understand how great my product is. It is my fault. It was my job to explain it. To find a way to explain it.

A business person who thinks he or she knows better than their clients and deems them stupid will soon be gone.

I keep learning.

You should never think that what you learned at school will be enough. If you do, you end up in the reasonable zone of the good average.

If you want to succeed you have to keep on learning. I want to succeed. So I learn.

You don´t read? So, don’t write.

Who hasn´t read at least 1000 books in his life should keep on reading until he decides to write professionally.

My score is 1161 for now. And I am not done reading, yet. A good copywriter finds inspiration in a fairy-tale and a philosophical book as well.

English web

If you want to be successful outside your country, be it Czechia, Germany, Poland, France, or any other, you need an English web. I will write it for you.

And if it is the other way round, and you want to be successful in the Czech Republic, I will write Czech texts for you.

Find your ideal customer

As Alex Cattoni says: if you want to sell to everyone you end up selling to no one. You have to find your ideal client. And you have to speak directly to them in words they understand.

Milá bezproblémová spolupráce. Co jsme se domluvili, to platilo. Ráda Báru oslovím zas 😉
Petr PatockaPetr Patocka
07:28 19 Jul 22
Prostě kvalita👌🏻
Jindrich FialkaJindrich Fialka
14:10 09 Sep 22
I was a little scared. Bára helps us in the non-profit as a copywriter-volunteer, and it is sometimes not easy with volunteers.But Bára writes clearly and is reliable. In addition, it is proactive, so it does not cost energy, but instead adds it.I am happy to cooperate. Thanks Baro 🙂
Daniel HanušDaniel Hanuš
14:22 09 Aug 22
Finding an editor who can write informative and at the same time readable articles is difficult. Barbora is a hit in this regard and writes absolutely first-class articles for our magazine. I recommend it with a pure heart. 🙂
Milá bezproblémová spolupráce. Co jsme se domluvili, to platilo. Ráda Báru oslovím zas 😉
Nice seamless cooperation. What we agreed on was valid. I will be happy to contact Bára again 😉
Petr PatockaPetr Patocka
07:28 19 Jul 22
Prostě kvalita👌🏻
Petr PatockaPetr Patocka
07:28 19 Jul 22
Simply quality👌🏻

How much does my copywriting cost?

Price of my copywriting services

Every client is different.

I understand that you want at least a rough estimation.

Let me try to do just that:

Before we make a contract you will get a job proposal. Here I will estimate how long will the job take.

My Niche

Nobody is the best in everything.

I like to discover new niches.

I may like your topic as well, ask me.

But this is my niche. This is the niche that I am best at.

Barbora Jiřincová expert na vzdělávání

Copywriting in education niche

  • I know the education system inside out.

  • Is education or self-development your niche? Let´s do it together.

  • Let´s make education cool again. Let´s tell people that it is worth their time and money more than anything.

Samples (in Czech)

Barbora Jiřincová historie

Copywriting and history (including tourism)

  • History is trendy. Every second restaurant puts historic photos on its walls. The magazines are full of fun facts from history. History sells as novels and romances.
  • I will write readable and fun historical articles and blog posts.
  • I will put some historical perspective on your brand.
  • And if your niche is traveling, I will tell your clients which places to visit to breathe in history.
Samples (in Czech)

Copywriting in wine niche

  • The wine market is overflowing. But luckily, wine lovers are happy with it; they love trying new things. I know wine, I love wine.
  • Whether you are a small winemaker or an extensive wine shop, I will help you have great texts. And to sell your wine to the right people.
Samples (in Czech)

Copywriting in sports, outdoor, and fitness.

  • I love skiing the most, but I spend time doing sports and being outdoors.
  • I am passionate about sport and fitness and know a lot about this niche.
  • If your brand has to do with sports, fitness, or outdoor, we will do great things.
Samples (in Czech)

Children, family, and women stuff - copywriting

  • I am a woman and mother in the first place. I believe success and family don´t need to exclude each other. Not even for women. Actually, I am passionate about successful mums and their businesses.
  • I can write about family topics. As the Internet is stuffed with similar articles in this niche, I will do my best to be original. This niche is cursed. It has long ago turned into a sewer. But we can change it together. We can make it resemble the mountain river again. We can write quality content.
  • But furthermore, if your brand´s ideal customers are women and mothers, I am the woman for the job.
  • If you are a successful woman or a mother desiring success, I am passionate about helping you.
Samples (in Czech)

Copywriting in pets and animal niche

  • Animals have fascinated me since the moment I first opened my eyes.
  • I had a cat and a dog.
  • Finding new topics in this niche can be challenging, but I will do my best.
Samples (in Czech)

FAQ about my copywriting

Copywriting is not only about writing.

Before I start writing I have to:


  • Do a market research
  • Learn your brand
  • Learn a lot about the topic of the text
  • Learn about your ideal customer
  • Do the keyword analysis
  • Build the structure of the text
  • Only then can I start writing your text.

Some jobs take more time investigation than writing itself. For example to create a tagline or a motto I have to do very thorough research and look for inspiration. I won´t charge you for my thinking time. But don´t imagine I will sit down at my computer, write your tagline and charge you the minute it took me to write it.

I need to get to know you and your brand. The call should not take more than 30min. You will receive questions before the call so you can prepare. After the discovery call, you will get a job proposal. The proposal includes the estimated time that the project will take.

I need to get to know you and your brand. The call should not take more than 30min. You will receive questions before the call so you can prepare. After the discovery call, you will get a job proposal. The proposal includes the estimated time that the project will take.

SEO means that the text is friendly to the search engines. Using keywords, readers find you through Google and its smaller siblings. SEO copywriting includes working with keywords and other factors.

Imagine building your kitchen. You can buy the parts and build the kitchen yourself. Or you can pay a meager sum to your neighbour for building it. Or you can let a professional build it. It will cost something because home always does. But you will cook in it for the next ten years or so.

Do you value your brand as highly as your kitchen? Do you want it to be here in ten years? Or do you want to risk not being seen and become the next unsuccessful entrepreneur?

I can write about more topics than the ones I mention here. What I love about copywriting is that you can learn a lot about different topics.

When you fill in my contact form, I want you to fill in your brand´s niche. Your niche may be too far away. It would not make sense to even start the job. But if that should be so, I will tell you right away.

It may happen that I will be too busy to take on the job that you offer. In that case, I will tell you right away. I am wise enough not to put on more than I can handle. If I know I won´t have time for your project, I will say so.

You have read so far. So by now, you should know better than me.