Queen of Words is not only about running your business.

I also want to enpower you to run your minds, not being run by it.

To tame the shrew in your heads.

So, I have started a new section in this publication.

Who am I to tell?

I am finally living a life free of anxiety after an unbelievable 20 years of struggling.

I underwent psychotherapy, learned CBT, mindfulness, relaxation, and meditation, and being a Christian, I used spiritual practice – it was a tough battle.

I want to share the experience with those who suffer in any way.

My story is inspirational.

It says that nothing is given. We can change how our minds work.

We can make our heads work for us, not against us.

And prosper in every way – in your relationships, in your family, in your career, or even in hobbies.

  • You can start over in all aspects of your life, even as a mother of two in your mid-thirties.
  • You can treat your anxiety and your depression.
  • You can fix your family-related traumas and still love your family.
  • You can change the way you think, the way you see the world, the way you approach sexuality, and the way you treat your children, your husband, or your friends. When you tame your mind and finally know yourself, you also see your God in a different way.

Anxiety or depression does not have to define who you are and how you think. Nor do have to define you the notions that family or society put in your head.

These only limit you and prevent you from growing.

If you try.

I want to encourage you to do just that.

However, not just anxious and depressed people can profit from my work.

During the treatment, I discovered all the tricks that our minds can play on us.

  • I learned to know myself
  • To feel compassion for myself
  • To take control.

And I don´t stop.

I may be free of anxiety, but the mind is a powerful thing. And it can still go wrong in many ways if we don´t control it.

I will share my tips on books to read, apps to use, and podcasts to listen to.

Join me on the journey.

Let us tame the shrew in our heads.

Let us teach the dragon inside to work for us, not against us.