Barbora jiřincová, copywriter and freelance writer

Do what you do best

And I will write your texts

Queen of words

The right words have power.

Let´s find the right words together.

Barbora Jiřincová
About me

I am your Queen of Words

I know the right words.

I can get the attention of those who do not want to listen.

I used to do it all by myself in the online business.

I know how hard it is.

Now I am wiser.

I know when to call for an expert to help me with things.

For you, I am the expert.

I will write your texts.

So you can do the rest.

So you can do what you do best.

my mission

You deserve to be seen.

I have high regard for people who build their businesses. Big and small alike.

And I want to help you to be seen.

Internet is no sewer.

Please, don´t turn it into one. Don´t fill it with the same content again and again.

As copywriters, we are responsible for keeping the water of the Internet clean as a river, not a sewer.

Let´s be different

Let´s do it our way. I can do it. And I believe it is worth it in marketing and life.

Because if you want to be more successful, you have to do more than others.

Away with the sleezy salesman

Selling does not and should not be sleazy.

Your customers have seen it all. They are fed up with lousy marketing.

Build a relationship with them, be fair, and be clever.

It hurts when I see lousy marketing. Let us change it together.

i can help you with...

Being seen

You know your stuff.

You deserve to be seen.

Barbora Jiřincová copywriter

Texts on Your Website

I will find the right words for your web. Because every word on your web counts.

Write your blog

The blog is what keeps your readers coming to your site.

Words For Your Brand

What makes a successful brand? People buy your stuff because it is your stuff.

E-book For Your Business

You may know what to say but cannot find the words. I will write the e-book for you.

Why work with me

i can write

4 Years Experience

I have been creating online content for four years (1 year professionally).

Asset 963Retail

I started my brand.

I do online business myself. I know what it entails.

I do things differently

I know the theory; I did my homework. But I cut myself a different path.

I keep on learning

Not because I know that I should. But because I love it.

Milá bezproblémová spolupráce. Co jsme se domluvili, to platilo. Ráda Báru oslovím zas 😉
Petr PatockaPetr Patocka
07:28 19 Jul 22
Prostě kvalita👌🏻
Eva MislíkováEva Mislíková
09:40 12 Sep 22
Great cooperation with Mrs. Barbara, we are satisfied. The article was done quickly, it is fun and a beautiful read. 🙂 You can see that he does it with joy. Thank you
Jindrich FialkaJindrich Fialka
14:10 09 Sep 22
I was a little scared. Bára helps us in the non-profit as a copywriter-volunteer, and it is sometimes not easy with volunteers.But Bára writes clearly and is reliable. In addition, it is proactive, so it does not cost energy, but instead adds it.I am happy to cooperate. Thanks Baro 🙂
Daniel HanušDaniel Hanuš
14:22 09 Aug 22
Finding an editor who can write informative and at the same time readable articles is difficult. Barbora is a hit in this regard and writes absolutely first-class articles for our magazine. I recommend it with a pure heart. 🙂
Milá bezproblémová spolupráce. Co jsme se domluvili, to platilo. Ráda Báru oslovím zas 😉
Nice seamless cooperation. What we agreed on was valid. I will be happy to contact Bára again 😉
Petr PatockaPetr Patocka
07:28 19 Jul 22
Prostě kvalita👌🏻
Petr PatockaPetr Patocka
07:28 19 Jul 22
Simply quality👌🏻
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