Barbora jiřincová, bilingual copywriter and a branding strategist from Central Europe

May the force of your story be with them

let me write your story

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brands that joined me on my mission:
Trust the force of your story

I am a copy magician, not a trickster

I stand against manipulative techniques that everybody has seen before and the marketing that gave up on the superpower of psychology.

I seek to create a world where brands and businesses gain the trust of their customers again and earn the value their great products and services deserve.

I write texts that don’t make us sick.

I offer marketing techniques based on the superpower of psychology. I write texts that people read.

Stories that stay with them and help them get their hearts’ desires.

my conviction codes:


Whatever happens, the story stays with you.

Dos and don’ts are soon forgotten. The lesson in a story lasts for a lifetime. Stories make people read to the end; stories make them remember; stories fire up their emotions.

Whatever I write, the story is king.


Life does not fit into a textbook.

I work efficiently. I know the theory, but I know when to break all the rules because the project requires me to.

Some people look down upon pragmatic solutions because they are not by the book. I don´t. I understand that life does not fit into a textbook.


Psychology is a superpower.

Psychologists never give up trying to understand what drives us. We are unaware of emotions, stereotypes in our subconscious, and triggers we barely recognize. How can we, as marketers, leave such a powerful tool on the table?


Life does not fit in a box; think outside of it.

Today’s customers have seen it all; they are sick of advertisements and sick of texts not worth reading. Originality is more important than ever before.

my services

Website copy

Texts that build trust and a desire to buy.


Brand voice and brand mission that sparks irratioanl loyalty.

Email copywriting

Emails that they actually look forward to.

Content marketing

Blog posts and articles they enjoy reading.


Czech or English texts written by an insider from Central Europe.

Freelance writing

A book or an article on a specific topic.