Be unique...ok, but how?

To succeed in your business, you need to be unique.
You need to provide an answer to your client’s “why.”
Why buy from you?
Why employ you?
Especially today, when AI-generated content spawns in all areas, people use ChatGPT to write job proposals and motivational letters.
Be unique, bring something new, and they will love you.
Because with AI on the rise, originality will be rarer than ever.

be unique

I know it is scary.
We must fight the natural impulse to comply, to fit in, and to settle down.
Humans are social beings, and we are afraid that society will exclude us if we dare stand out too much.
And it may do so.
I won’t lie; it may happen.
But there is no other way. If you want to succeed, you have to stand out.
And the uniform and compliant rarely stand out.
So, how to be unique?

The ways to be unique in marketing today.

1. Your tone of voice.

be unique

You can have a specific and distinct tone of voice.
Phrases and language you use across all your channels.
The problem with this strategy is that you become too loud and annoying if you overdo it and stand out too much.
And to be honest, everybody does that, and with so much content around us, we are demanding and not easily amazed nowadays.
But if you have an original idea and a competent copywriter, a distinct tone of voice is the easiest way to stand out with your copy.

2. Your values, mission, and brand personality

Branding is the best way to stand out. That way, you tell them that you don’t only seem unique but that you really and truly are special. Not just on the surface but rather inside. That is copywriting.
Find your values that relate to your industry and your brand’s personality.
State your mission – how you want to improve your industry and change the world.
Craft a unique story – so that people fall in love with your brand.
This way, you will answer their “why” (“Why should I buy from you”) with your own “why” (“Why I do it“).
And they will join you on your mission.
Then your tone of voice, your web design, and even the services you offer must relate to this brand image.

3. Stand out with unconventional ideas

be unique

Think out of the box. Bring ideas from another industry to your own.
Get inspired by the best and by the worst. Even a terrible TV commercial and the packing of a disgusting protein bar can inspire.
But from the pieces of inspiration, build your own puzzle.
Offer untraditional gifts for your products.
Craft unconventional articles on your blog.
Sponsor an event that nobody in your industry thought of sponsoring.
Think uniquely.
But if you try a new path, tread carefully. There may be a reason nobody went this way before. Only invest some of your money in new ideas. Start with small changes and analyze how your customers react.

4. And final recommendations

Don’t write unique micro-copy just because

Tread carefully with microcopy. Phrases like “I went to get myself a coffee, be right back” instead of “loading” are funny when your reader sees them for the first time. But they will read them many times. An original and witty microcopy gets stale very quickly.
Be careful and test what your customers like.
You don’t write so that your colleague’s copywriters give you applause. You write to sell and to get the readers read it.

Only use catchy headlines and slogans if they make sense

be unique

I know. As writers, we fall in love with the sentences we craft. Even when nobody else will understand, we are reluctant to press delete. But you have to.
Comprehension always comes first. If it rhymes, so be it. It’s great. If it has rhythm, fantastic, they won’t get it out of their heads. But if the connection to your service or product is lost in the process, there is no use for this sentence.
Remember, catchiness should never come at the price of comprehension.

Remember that every client and every business needs different solutions

Don’t push services your clients don’t need just because the latest certification course taught you how important they are.
Only write the funnel if they need one.
Every business needs different marketing:
Some may not even want to stand out. Some may want to fit in.
Some want to be seen because their product is distinct and original enough.
Some need to create the desire first because nobody needs their product.
Some offer a solution to a problem everybody solves.
Listen to their needs.
Don’t write to get the applause of your colleagues, but rather to improve your clients’ sales.
Listen to the needs of your client and their customers.
Life does not fit in a textbook; neither does marketing.

And my final advice

be unique

Don’t try to compete with your price.
That is a fight you cannot win.
Sooner or later, this path will drag you to lower your quality and destroy you.
Strive to be better, offer more convenient solutions, and offer gifts but don’t let your customers or your competition decide on your price.
If you want to stand out as the most affordable on the market, you will become the cheapest on the market.
You don’t want that.
You want to be the best.

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