Your brand is how people talk about you when you are not in the room.

Branding turns your customers into loyal fans.

What is branding?

Branding defines the following:

  • How you want the public to see you and think about you.

  • What people first think when seeing your logo or hearing your brand’s name.

  • Emotions connected with your brand.

  • How you want to be remembered.

  • What makes you stand out.

  • What you want to be said about your brand.

Your brand has:

  • Personality
  • Voice
  • Mission
  • Values

And all these things must be distinct in all the channels you use.

  • In your emails.
  • The language of your blog.
  • The topics you chose to elaborate on.
  • In your dealing with the clients (or your employees’ dealing with their clients).
  • In the graphic design of your website and your logo.
  • In the features and prices of your products.

Branding by Queen of Words

I use following principles:

Psychology and archetypes

Branding is about emotions, about evoking love and desire.

There are irrational patterns in our minds, bells that ring without obvious reasons.

Archetypes and cliches, stories old as time, and a shocking twist.

The big, rich brands know it. Or their copywriters did.



We need to understand who your ideal customer is.

Dive deep into their archetypal psychology and adjust your brand personality to their liking.

In terms of branding I can do for you the following.

Basic branding

Basic branding

Define your values, mission and brand personality.
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Brand voice guide

Brand voice guide

Complete guide that you can showcase and use.
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Slogans, taglines

Slogans, taglines

Memorable lines to help them remember you.
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pricing simplified

How much does my branding cost?

Brand Voice Guide

Enjoy the safety of contracts on Upwork:

The delivery time may differ according to the number of projects I am handling at the moment.

How the branding works:

Usually, the copywriter crafts all the mission, values and uses it for the website copy.

Thus, the client knows that the tone of voice remains consistent.

But there are also cases where only a few pages need new copy, an about us page or simply re-branding is needed.

Almost everything is possible.

Do you want to contact me directly? Let us schedule a call.

branding specified

How is branding done? How do I work? Here are all the answers.

basic branding

The basic branding is included in the price if you order web copywriting.

I cannot work around it.

But there are cases when you want to order simply basic branding service.

When to order basic branding service:

  • You want to change the direction your business is going and need to know where to start.
  • You want to rewrite the about us page.
  • You don´t want to rewrite the whole website but need a consistent voice across all your channels.
  • When you need fuel for your sales and marketing team.

What exactly is branding?

There are many ways your branding should reflect your brand.

A good copywriter asks about your branding before she starts to write.

She asks if you have a brand voice guide to show her.

If not, she asks queer questions (like why you started your brand, where you see yourself in 20 years, and so on). These questions might sound weird, but trust your copywriter; she is a professional.

If you accept my offer and let me create your brand, I will make a brand voice guide for you.

If you only want some texts for the website and have no brand voice guide to show me, I will also ask some questions because I can only do my job if I know these answers.

Otherwise, it would be a lousy, fast job that only wastes my time and your money.

If you find a copywriter that does not ask and starts writing immediately, maybe that makes you happy because that is a cheaper solution. But you may not be as satisfied as you see the conversion rate.

A good copywriter is curious, like a cat or a monkey. So, answer the questions. It won’t kill you.

what is a brand voice guide?

A brand voice guide is a document that clearly states:

  • Who you are.
  • Why you do it.
  • What your values are.
  • What makes you stand out.
  • Who your ideal customer is.
  • What they believe in.
  • What their biggest fears are.
  • What you can do for them.
  • How you mirror their values.
  • How you sound like.
  • What is your story.
  • What phrases you use?

When to use the brand voice guide?

This document should be a part of your employees’ education.

They should know it by heart: every creator, every salesperson, even the receptionist (especially the receptionist).

You will show it to any freelancer you work with and some of the most prominent potential clients so that you know you are on the same line from the first minute.

How does a brand voice guide look like?

And it works magic for your credibility and professionality. This document can push your freelancing career to a new level.

You can use the exact words and phrases in various places on your web, emails, and social media.

You can use it as your guidelines for writing your texts yourself.

You can pay me to edit the texts so that they are in line with the guidelines.

And then, maybe, you can write the texts yourself.

how to write a tagline or a slogan?

Taglines and brand names are essential features of your branding strategy.

These should be crisp catchy phrases that ring a bell in the head of your customers.

They should be poignant and distinct to make you stand out.

When writing texts for your web or your homepage, I include crafting all taglines in the price.

But you can let me create them for you individually.

How to craft a tagline?

  • The connection between you and your product must be distinct.

  • It should not confuse or mislead.

  • Only then you focus on it being:

    • Catchy

    • Remarkable.

    • Funny

    • Original