Content marketing

What is content marketing?

Writing blog posts, and magazine articles, sharing information on social media, or shooting videos and podcasts.

You provide your know-how for free. They love you and trust you for it.

Why do content marketing?

Because while delivering valuable content, you create trust and gain your customer’s gratitude.

You are building your brand.

You showcase your expertise and skills.

While your email list stays – even if Uncle Google decides to delete your Gmail account. Because the list is a list, like a list of telephone numbers.

Content marketing by Queen of Words

I use following principles:


I know the persuasion tricks and use them.

I understand the sales formula and implement them.

However, the story is a technique old as time.

People cannot help but read on.

So, I use storytelling in my content marketing.


I am a writer.

I write so that they read.

However, I stick to the plan when I write for your business.

The text must lead the reader to the desired action.


We need to understand who your ideal customer is.

Dive deep into their archetypal psychology and meet them exactly where they are at.

In terms of content marketing, I can do for you the following.



Your blog is the place to share your knowhow, build trust and relationship.
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Magazine articles

Magazine articles

Articles in a magazine are the service the reader pays for. The service you provide.
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Social media

Social media

Content marketing on social media builds relationship, if it delivers value.
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Long-term cooperation

Long-term cooperation

Content marketing with Queen of Words. Whatever you need.
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pricing simplified

How much does my content marketing cost?

Content marketing packages

content marketing
Enjoy the safety of contracts on Upwork:

The delivery time may differ according to the number of projects I am handling at the moment.

How content marketing works:

Usually, the copywriter crafts all the texts for the brand.

Thus, the client knows that the tone of voice remains consistent.

But there are also cases where only one article or a blog post.

Almost everything is possible.

Do you want to contact me directly? Let us schedule a call.

Content marketing specified

How is content marketing done? How do I work? Here are all the answers.

blog writing

Nearly everything can be turned into a blog post.

But there must always be a strategy.

Your blog content must correlate to the following:

  • Your products.
  • Your campaigns.
  • Your SEO.
  • Along with your values and mission.

Single blog posts should:

  • Build trust
  • Build your authority in the business.
  • Help your customers choose the right product
  • Show your passion
  • Present your wins
  • Tell them what to do next
  • Read well
  • Sound as you – as your brand voice
  • Talk to your ideal customer.

When choosing your ideas for a blog post, ask yourself, “Who cares?”

And only select posts that relate to your ideal customers.

magazine and other articles

Some web owners do not only offer blog posts but magazine articles.

Articles are more prolonged and go deeper. Blog posts are time-relevant; magazine articles should work any time.

For magazine articles, their content is the sole reason for their existence. While blog posts are written with a distinct agenda in mind.

Some magazines are written only as a place where to put an ad (I don’t write those).

Some present a product the client wants to sell and get a commission fee (I write those if the product is any good).

And some are a paid service themselves.

Some are free services for clients.

social media marketing

Social media are great for building relationships.

But only posting won´t get you there. You must interact with your followers.

Treat them like human beings and not like numbers.

And be human yourself.

What to post on social media?

  • Information that matters to your ideal customer.
  • Provide value and show your know-how.
  • Make them interact with each other.
  • Let them feel your brand´s personality.

Social media copywriters must:

  • Follow strategy.
  • Work closely with the marketing team.
  • Be flexible.
  • Work closely with a graphic designer.

how the long-term cooperation works

We schedule a call.

Sign a contract (possibly through Upwork – safe for both parties).

The I will write the texts according to the chosen strategy.

Or you will assign tasks.

I will send you an invoice once a month.