The superpower of psychology is stronger than cheap tricks

Copywriter Barbora Jiřincová

Do you want to enter the Czech market?

I am your first choice.

A copywriter fluent in English with a bulletproof Czech and English portfolio.

I also have experience working with clients all over the world.

my principles:

May the force of your story be with them

Dos and don'ts are soon forgotten. The lesson in a story lasts for a lifetime. Stories make people read to the end; stories make them remember; stories fire up their emotions. Whatever I write, the story is king.

The superpower of psychology is stronger than cheap tricks.

We are unaware of emotions, stereotypes in our subconscious, and triggers we barely recognize. How can we, as marketers, leave such a powerful tool on the table?

Life does not fit in a box; think outside of it.

Today's customers have seen it all; they are sick of advertisements and sick of texts not worth reading. Originality is more important than ever before.

My services

Web copywriting

Texts for your website.
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Email copywriting

Use the most powerful tool in marketing. The only one that is in your own hands.
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Building your brand and everything you need to stand out.
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English to Czech. Czech to English. Localisation, translation, and proofreading.
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Content marketing

Blog posts, articles and strategy for your content marketing.
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Freelance writing

I can write books, articles or e-books.
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my niche

Must a copywriter specialize in one niche?

Well, I can write about different niches and love to learn new things.

But you cannot be the best in everything. Thus, I specialize.

In what? I love to write about the things I love the most.


Copywriting for ski brands, ski shops and ski rentals, ski resorts and more.
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Copywriting for those who make wine, sell wine or love wine.
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Pets and animals

Copywriting in pet care and accesories or animal niche
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Outdoor activities

Copywriting for outdoor brands, camps, canoeing and kayaking brands, hiking trip agencies and more.
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FAQ about my copywriting

Copywriting is not only about writing.

Before I start writing I have to:

  • Do a market research
  • Learn your brand
  • Learn a lot about the topic of the text
  • Learn about your ideal customer
  • Do the keyword analysis
  • Build the structure of the text
  • Only then can I start writing your text.

Some jobs take more time investigation than writing itself. For example to create a tagline or a motto I have to do very thorough research and look for inspiration. I won´t charge you for my thinking time. But don´t imagine I will sit down at my computer, write your tagline and charge you the minute it took me to write it.



  1. The discovery call
  2. The research that allows me to give you a quote
  3. The proposal which includes your specific needs
  4.  A first sample
  5. One round of changes based on your objections

All this is included in the price.

I need to get to know you and your brand. The call should take up to 30min. So that you know, you will receive questions before the call so you can prepare. After the discovery call, you will get a job proposal. The proposal includes the estimated time that the project will take.

We can leave out the discovery call and do it in written form if necessary.

SEO means that the text is friendly to the search engines. Using keywords, readers find you through Google and its smaller siblings. SEO copywriting includes working with keywords and other factors.

It may happen that I will be too busy to take on the job that you offer. In that case, I will tell you right away. I am wise enough not to put on more than I can handle. If I know I won´t have time for your project, I will say so.

Smaller projects can be done in two weeks or less. More extensive projects take longer. The deadline will be included in your contract.

If you need the project done sooner, you have to pay extra. It will be stated in the contract.

However, I do not offer shorter than a week-long deadline. No matter how large the express charge.

Yes, long-term contracts are convenient for both sides.

In this case, we have a discovery call, and I draft an agreement based on my price for an hour.

According to the contract, you will get an invoice every month or two weeks.

  1. The discovery call.
  2. My proposition and a contract.
  3. You get a sample of text and structure of the project.
  4. You can express your objections, and I will make the necessary changes.
  5. You pay an amount reflecting the time I spent on the first assignment.
  6. I finish the project in one step or in milestones.
  7. You pay either after the project is done or after the milestones are delivered.
  8. You can express your objections, and I will implement them. The second round of feedback implementation I charge as extra work.
  9. You pay the rest of your price.


Copywriting is a specific writing skill. A copywriter usually creates persuasive texts to nudge the reader to some action (conversion). Copywriting differs from content marketing, but some copywriters do both.


A content writer creates content marketing texts, including blog articles, magazines, ebooks, and emails. Content marketing is based on giving your expertise for free so that the clients trust you and buy the stuff you offer. Thus the content writer must know how to write captivating texts that build trust simultaneously.


A copywriter crafts the idea behind your brand, your brand's personality, and voice. They do market, subject, and keyword research and constantly search for inspiration. They ask and listen. And they write. But then comes the text's shortening, editing, polishing, and shortening again. Writing time is the cheapest .

My niche


I have skied since I was three years old. I come from the North of the Czech Republic, in the Jizera mountains everybody skis. But since 1997, not a year has passed in which I missed an opportunity to visit my beloved Alps – Austria, Italy, Slovenia, or Switzerland. And then I met my husband, who races in the Ski Masters series, and he drew me into the racing world, where skiers put their whole hearts into their sport.

And since then, my love for skiing and the white mountains around me has only grown.

  • I grew up with a ski resort in my hometown.
  • I learned skiing when I was 3 years old.
  • Wife to a FIS masters ski races.
  • Skiing in the Alps since I was 10 years old every year.
  • Visited all alpine countries, know many ski resorts in Europe.
  • Watch ski sports regularly.

Check my Instagram to see for yourself.

Skiing niche portfolio

At the moment, I have long-term cooperation with a Czech ski rental and have written articles for various Czech ski resorts.

Happy Sport

If your brand has anything to do with skiing, contact me, you are my dream client, and I am your dream copywriter.

Outdoor, water sports, and camping

When the snow melts, I wipe the tears off my cheeks, kiss the skies goodbye (after careful vaxing so that they are happy over the summer) and plan my summer holiday.

outdoor niche portfolio

What do we do in summer?

  • Canoeing
  • Paddleboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Camping
  • Hiking

So, be it a travel destination review and recommendation, sales copy for an outdoor brand, or a website for a camp, I can be your best choice if you work in this niche.


The Czech Republic is a beer country. But, in the southern regions of Moravia, we produce the best wines in Central Europe.

We go on wine-tasting trips yearly, meet the winemakers in person, enjoy our time amongst the vineyards, and explore. Wine fits my curiosity because there is always much to discover. In every wine region, wine brand, in every bottle or sample.

web copywriting

wine niche portfolio

Contact me if you own a wine shop or are a winemaker who wants clear and persuasive texts with a distinct brand voice. We will explore the market possibilities together.

Pets and animals

I have owned a pet for as long as I remember, cats, dogs, hamsters, and turtles.

As a child, I spent a lot of time in the stables, and two broken hands did not stop me from returning.

That being said, I know there are different types of pet owners.

  • Some prefer exotic animals.
  • Some do sports with their pets.
  • Some want a simple, uncomplicated relationship with their pet companion.
  • And some use their animals at work.


As everywhere in copywriting, the pet accessories and care industry must work with different customer archetypes.

I love animals; I appreciate every brand that makes the life of pets and their owners easier and happier.

pet niche portfolio

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