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Queen of words
Barbora Jiřincová

I was born in Liberec, Czech Republic.

Born in 1986, I grew up in the tumultuous 1990s.

Then businesses grew, money flew, and the nation was slowly getting used to freedom and democracy after 50 years of Communism.

But the story of Queen of Words starts more than 30 years later.


my values


Because just enough is not enough.

I always deliver my best and always put my heart into my job. No half-hearted measures, no easy solutions. Because what is worth the prize is worth giving it all. You do your best in your business; you are worth giving it all.


Life does not fit into a textbook.

I work efficiently. I know the theory, but I know when to break all the rules because the project requires me to.

Some people look down upon pragmatic solutions because they are not by the book. I don´t. I understand that life does not fit into a textbook.


The customer is a human being.

Direct marketing does not work in the 21st century, and sleazy ads no longer persuade anyone. Why? Because the customers are human beings like us and today, they have more possibilities than ever before. Stop trying to trick them, and let us understand them.


I know their past, I know your customers.

I understand the complicated history of Europe, Central Europe to be specific. History shapes our minds, our stereotypes and in the end the way we make decisions. I believe in the power of historical knowledge.

my story

Barbora Jiřincová


Barbora Jiřincová

In 2019, I got my Ph.D. in history.

People around me expressed their admiration. Two kids, teaching at the university, many publications, one blog, and an academic degree, what a Wonder Woman I was.

Yet, I did not feel like it.

After 5 years, I reached my goal. And with a sense of horror, I realized that I had never dreamt beyond getting the degree.

Now the game I played while being a student was over. I had to find myself a job as a historian or a university teacher, a career that used to be my dream. This kind of job was challenging to get. Thus, I had time to think for the first time in my life, and darkness crept into the vision ahead. Was I really born to be a scientist? Do I have what it takes? And I came to the sad conclusion that no, this is not me.


queen of words

Yet, how could I change the path I had walked on so single-mindedly for years?

These thoughts started to haunt me, but the pandemics that struck the very same year showed the world that everything can change overnight.

As 2020 revealed to us all that nothing is certain, I had to learn new things. We all did. I created online material for my students, started another blog, and realized that the online world offers many opportunities. I learned about copywriting and discovered that contrary to what I thought, real writers didn’t starve. I wrote some gigs, primarily for free to gain experience, created yet another blog, got some paid jobs, and thought about building an online business. But still, I did not give up the academic career I worked so hard to make. I could not give up history.


Barbora Jiřincová

We went on a traditional wine-tasting trip with my family. The kids went to bed, and we sat with other guests in the beautifully lit garden of our guesthouse; moonshine shimmered on the swimming pool’s water, and the house owner played guitar and sang. She seemed so happy. And I asked myself, why her and not me? Why could I not have a job I loved so much it made me sing? I knew the answer. She must have been courageous to buy a guesthouse and start her business, push it through the pandemic, and still sing with her guests with the covid crisis far from over.

Dreaming is one thing, but it takes courage to wake up and live your dreams. Was writing my dream? Maybe it was. But as I watched the lady with a lovely voice, I realized that my writing could have an impact, unlike my academic texts. I could help people. People like the owner of an excellent guesthouse who creates such an experience for her guests. People like the wine-makers who sold us this exquisite wine. And that was it. I knew what I wanted and could not go back. But still, I was not courageous enough to give it all.

Thus the brand Queen of Words was born. But beginning are never easy.

Queen of Words was meant to be a brand for people who wanted to do what they did best. But only some clients liked what I offered. They wanted some quick jobs. Few emails with direct sales. Haphazard blog posts to get traffic from Google. Webpage without proper branding.

I got tired. Was this the dream job? Working like an ass to write lousy texts that I knew would not have any impact?

I knew my copy would not make a difference and would not help my clients, but I still took their money. They got what they wanted, and I got paid.

I burned out; I needed a break. So, we went on a holiday. Skiing in the Alps. Because the Alps can heal every broken heart. Even the heart of a disappointed copywriter.


The snow was wet, and the area had plenty of flat tracks. When the snow is moist, it sticks to the base of your skis, which works like a break. I skied and watched as people around me struggled and used their poles to get moving, but I just floated along them. Because my skis had been vaxed properly.

Every ski expert tells you to vax the bases of your skis regularly, but most people don’t do it. Because most people don’t do things properly, they do just enough. And I realized that this is what makes me different. I never do just enough. I always put my heart into it and passionately give it all. This was why I left the academic career. I needed to strike the spark again to succeed in my copywriting career. I set out to craft a mission and decided this to be my trait.

In a world where it is customary to do just enough, I will give it all. Queen of Words was reborn.

After a while, I realized I attracted precisely that kind of client—those, who want to do things properly. As I strove not to compromise my values, I got better clients. Those whose values agreed with mine.

I offer copywriting services, from crafting a brand voice to writing simple articles. I help brands and businesses connect with their ideal customer and explain the worth of their excellent product or service. I use storytelling and empathy to craft texts that people enjoy.

My mission is to turn the swamp of the Internet into a sparkling clean river again. Write texts that people read. Craft copy and offer marketing solutions that don´t bother people that don´t try to trick them. To fill the Internet with copy that builds relationship and trust and help people. To create a world where just enough is not enough and people cannot get enough reading.


will you join me?

Queen of Words is a copywriter. I write so that you can earn what you deserve and grow. My mission is to write original texts that work, don’t make people sick, and help them instead. Write ads based on empathy and relationship. Write so that the Internet offers more texts worth reading.


You have a great product, and you deliver excellent service. Your heart and your passion are in your business. Let me help you connect with your customers and make them understand that you can give them what they seek. Don’t waste time and money on marketing that does not work, and use what works in the 21st century.


I have experience and a portfolio to show. I am passionate about helping brands and freelancers who are passionate about their businesses. Do what you do best, and let me write your texts. Texts for people because that is what they are.


Every project is different. But two things they have in common:

  1. Each and every one of my projects inspires me and lets me learn new things.
  2. Every project is interesting and worth my full attention.

Here are just few samples.

The Collector

The assignment is to use my expertise and knowledge but make the articles readable for non-historians.
learn more

Queen of Words

My website is my showroom. Everything around here is a reflection of the brand voice I have crafted.
learn more

Rugmam Tea

A client who understands that just enough is not enough.
learn more

The Vacation Muse

The cooperation started with articles on ski resorts but continued with other European sights and travel destinations
learn more


Zuzana is a talented wedding and advertising photographer from Liberec.
Learn more



my projects


Zuzana is a talented wedding and advertising photographer from Liberec.

I have written English and Czech texts for her website, crafted a brand voice manual, and written an email for her potential clients.

I have known Zuzana since the third grade, so the job was relatively easy. My recommendation for copy-beginners? Find a client you know as well as yourself. And craft their brand voice for them. You learn how to do it. And then you can step into the deeper untested waters and work with other clients.

Do you want your customers to fall in love with you?
You need to define your values and mission.
You need to have a captivating brand origin story.
I do that.
I did that for my client.
A talented photographer and videographer who has already collected awards and presented her photos at various exhibitions.

This brand voice guide delivers it all.
And I managed to get her completely:

“Barbora understood my brand and my mission more than I did. During the branding interview, she asked the right questions and managed to put my vision into words. I get goosebumps reading the brand voice guide. Because it is me, she described the vision I did not know I had.”
Zuzana Fajmonová


Website Fotofa.cz
Brand Voice Guide
finger, touch, businessman-2956974.jpg
Email with an offer

With Zuzana I have arranged a long-term cooperation. How does it work?

Sometimes I write brand-new texts for her.

The other times she writes the texts herself (according to the BVG), and I edit them later.

There is significant variability in how a copywriter can work with you.

We will find a model that suits us both.

Barbora wrote excellent texts for my web. Not only for the Czech but the English version as well. I needed to polish the content, correct some mistakes and structure the text to be readable and comprehensive for the customers. I am delighted with the English version. I used translation plugins, but they cannot replace a human translator. Barbora brought a new touch to English texts! I recommend her services and will gladly use them in the future.
Zuzana Fajmonová

Rugmam tea

The cooperation with the Rugmam Tea brand is a dream project. You rarely meet a client whose values are so aligned with yours. A client with a clear mission, a fantastic story, and a deep desire to do things passionately and change the world for the better. A client who understands that just enough is not enough.

I got to craft:
  • The story
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Tagline
  • Instagram Bio
  • Instagram posts
  • Texts for the website.

The website is still in the process of construction, and so is the Instagram account.
But on the Instagram account, you can get a taste of the brand I helped to build.

Barbora understands your requirement and then writes to suit your input with valuable suggestions. She meets the dealines set.
Anita Rana Sharma
Business Owner

queen of words

Brand Voice Guide and a website

My website is my showroom. Everything around here is a reflection of the brand voice I have crafted.

Go through this document.

And then see for yourself and look for the traces around the web.

I can craft your brand voice as well.

I will need to know much about you, your brand, your story, and your customers.

But a distinct brand voice is a must in today’s marketing.

The collector

I am a studied historian. So, I was thrilled when I could write for this magazine. The assignment is to use my expertise and knowledge but make the articles readable for non-historians. My long-term mission is to inspire people to learn about history all their lives. And here, I can dive deep into the mission.

Here are my articles:

And my editor-in-chief seems to be also very happy with my job.

Great storyteller with a brilliant sense of humor.
The Collector
Alice Bennett
Editor - The Collector

The Vacation Muse

As a fervent skier, I could not resist the offer to write about the Alpine skiing regions for travelers outside of Europe.

The cooperation started with articles on Val Gardena and Hinterstoder but continued with other European sights and travel destinations.

The articles will be published here soon.

Barbora has written a few articles for me and they have been tremendous. She definitely exceeded my expectations !
Deon Mitchel
Editor, The Vacation Muse

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Rugmam Tea
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