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What education should a copywriter have?

I won’t tell; I don’t know.

But I can tell you what my education looks like so far.

But only so far, because I never stop learning.

That much a good copywriter should and must have – an unquenchable curiosity and a passion for learning.

CopyPosse Eye Challenge

Training to become a brand voice strategist.
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The Art of Story telling by Neil Gaiman

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Ph.D. History

Charles University
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Faculty of Education

Charles University, English-History
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Content marketing certification

HubSpot Acaademy content marketing course.
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HubSpot Email marketing Certificate

HubSport Email marketing Basic certification course
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HubSpot SEO Certificate

HubSport SEO Basic certification course
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Copywriting Internship

Copywriting internship for an SEO and copywriting expert Patrik Pilous.
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Curiosity actually never killed anybody, you know...

I never stop learning.

And neither should you.

Below is a list of the books, blogs, podcasts, and videos I take inspiration from.

Feel free to get inspired.

CopyPosse Eye Challenge

I am thrilled to be a part of the CopyPosse community and to be able to learn from Alex Cattoni and the international group of original copywriters. In this five-day program, I learned how to:

  • Ask the client the right questions to get to the brand’s core.
  • Align the brand’s values and missions with those of their ideal customer.
  • Craft a captivating brand origin story.
  • Make the brand as unique as possible.
  • Put all this into a neat brand voice guide that the client can showcase anywhere.

Faculty of Education
(yes, I am an English teacher...)

I consider my education and practice as a teacher to be the best preparation for being a copywriter.

See for yourself what I learned during my study and my practice as a teacher:


During our university studies, we learned a lot about psychology. As a teacher, I had to study these psychological topics further:

  • The secret of inner and outer motivation and how to use it.
  • The cognitive processes – how we learn about the world.
  • The role of emotions in our decision-making processes.
  • The role of emotion in the process of learning.

Education methodology and practice.

Do teaching and copywriting seem too far from each other? Think twice. As a teacher, I had to learn the following:

  • How to gain the attention of those who want to avoid listening.
  • How to keep the attention of those who are tired and distracted.
  • How to motivate people to learn, read and be curious about what I tell them.
  • How to simplify complicated stuff.
  • How to summarize a subject so that everything clicks in.
  • How to persuade people that what I offer matters.
  • How to make sense of what people say, even if they cannot understand it themselves.
  • How to know what people want without them knowing it.

And my subject?

We studied English linguistics in practical use. Thus I learned:

  • How morphology and syntax influence comprehension.
  • How to discover meaning behind unspoken words.
  • To what limit can I break linguistic rules without creating a nonsense.
  • How to make sense of any written mess.

These skills will help me write better English and Czech texts, and I can edit your texts. The teacher is the best editor. Because whatever you put before me, trust me, I have seen worse.

The Art of Story telling by Neil Gaiman

Neil teaches storytelling in his Masterclass.

And story is king whatever you write.

Ph.D. History

Only after I said goodbye to my academic career did I learn how much history taught me about the world around me. 

  • I notice the use of history in marketing – it is the best trust builder.
  • I know how people used to think in the past. Thus I understand the human psyche more deeply.
  • I can explain the significance of seemingly ordinary products because I understand what life was like without them.
  • I know what ideas and inventions changed the world, although we don’t appreciate them today.
  • I know the history of advertisement and propaganda, which goes deep into the 17th century.
  • I know how strong words have changed the course of history, can analyze them and use the templates.


Furthermore, the Ph.D. study gave me the following:

  • Hw to do my research and work with all kinds of sources.
  • That perfect formatting matters.
  • How to understand the academic newspeak. Thus I can study and retell scholarly texts in most branches.

Email marketing HubSpot Certificate

In this pretty basic email marketing course I learned:

  • The role of email marketing in today´s marketing.
  • Basic email marketing terminology.
  • The importance of segmentation.
  • That email campaigns need to relate to the certain stage of the customer´s journey.
  • How to structure emails.
  • How to use analytical tools and what to measure in terms of email marketing.

SEO HubSpot Certificate

I don’t consider myself an SEO expert, but I can use SEO in my writing.

That means that I will get on well with your SEO expert or that I will be able to optimize my copy if needed. The SEO HubSpot course is an introductory course that taught me more than how to work with keywords. Most importantly, it taught me that SEO today is not just keywords.

I learned that:

  • The structure of the webpage is vital for your SEO.
  • Building authority is more than the use of viral keywords.
  • How to work with the keywords and not to overoptimize.
  • The basics of link building.
  • How to structure the text and use the titles and headlines.
  • How to write meta-descriptions and alt descriptions of your images.


Furthermore, it taught me more about Google’s mission which comes closer with every update. Google aims to bring as helpful answers to the users’ queries as possible. And with every update, he is better at knowing what is and what is not a valuable piece of content. So, focus on delivering original and useful content that your readers need. You will be ok with every update and have nothing to fear.

HubSpot Content Marketing

Great and useful content marketing course by HubSpot Academy.

I learned:

  • The Power of Storytelling
  • Building a Content Creation Framework
  • Planning a Long-Term Content Strategy
  • Generating Content Ideas
  • Creating Quality Blog Content Your Audience Loves to Read and Share
  • How To Promote Your Content Organically and Using Paid Apps
  • How HubSpot Uses Blogging to Rank #1 on Google.

SEDUO social networking - basics.

This course was my first introduction to social media marketing; I overgrew it long ago. But, in the beginning, it taught me a lot. Mainly:

  • The difference in the audience on each social network.
  • The different types of content audiences expect on various social networks.
  • The importance of video content in today’s social media marketing.
  • The formatting of images and copy on social media.

Copywriting internship with Patrik Pilous

Patrik Pilous is a Czech SEO expert and a marketer. In this six-month internship, I learned the basics of SEO copywriting and writing for the engagement of my readers.

Furthermore, I practiced formatting the texts so that the search engine would like them and the readers enjoy them as well.

Curiosity actually never killed anybody, you know...

Books I read:

Of course, these are not the only books I read. But I believe you have come here because of copywriting.

Still, you can find inspiration everywhere. I do…


Blogs I read:

People I follow:

Any questions? Want to work with me?

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