Concepts That Ruin Our Lives

I don’t know about your country, but the summer holiday is over in the Czech Republic. And I’m on the brink of burnout, like most mothers and parents around me. My therapist told me yesterday that I am not the only mother who suddenly called her asking for a therapy session after many months without […]

The Inspiring Story of Mary and Martha


Every Sunday, with all my heart, I desire to be like Mary. Forget the daily work, stop fussing around like the restless Martha. But the perfect Sunday is a myth. It’s Sunday, 3 PM, and I am finally sitting down with a cup of coffee to have a quiet time, write my piece, read my […]

Want to spare time with email marketing?

spare time in email marketing

sPARE YOUR TIME WITH EMAIL MARKETING 2 VERY QUICK TIPS Create a nurturing sequence of 10 emails. In these emails, you deliver the value your subscribers signed up for. Every email must be polished like the shiniest diamond. And here comes the magic: Put them on automation. Every new subscriber will receive great emails every […]

8 Most Annoying Content Marketing Myths

content marketing myths

8 most annoying content marketing myths Dear reader,  Whatever your motivation in content marketing, you have probably studied some writing tips circulating the Internet. I have. The trouble with the Internet is, however, the original content is hard to find. The authors and bloggers copy each other’s texts and read the same books, and AI […]

Be unique. Well, I get it, but how?

be unique

Be unique…ok, but how? To succeed in your business, you need to be unique.You need to provide an answer to your client’s “why.”Why buy from you?Why employ you?Especially today, when AI-generated content spawns in all areas, people use ChatGPT to write job proposals and motivational letters.Be unique, bring something new, and they will love you.Because […]